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Tour de Lovecraft by Ken Hite!


Kenneth Hite is at it again with another inspired Lovecraft publication with his latest Kickstarter Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations. A followup to his decade old book Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales.  Kenneth Hite guided readers through Lovecraft’s plots and themes in his…

A Glimpse of ‘Failed Anatomies’


As seen at Shane Ivey and Dennis Detwiller of Arc Dream Publishing are putting the final touches on the next Delta Green project, Delta Green: Failed Anatomies. It’s a collection of Detwiller’s short stories of intrigue, conspiracy, and cosmic terror, with…

Kickstarting Cthulhu


Congratulations to Chaosium on the success of their Kickstarter for the seventh edition of Call of Cthulhu. They wanted to take in at least $40,000 to fund printing and shipping a large print run of the new rules. When the…