Advertising in The Oath

The Unspeakable Oath has limited space in each issue for paid advertising, and we select our advertisers and sponsors carefully.

The Unspeakable Oath reaches an audience that’s heavily invested in all things related to horror and the Cthulhu Mythos—games, fiction, movies, websites, conventions, you name it. If you’re trying to reach Cthulhu Mythos or horror fans, they don’t get any more targeted than this.

The Oath is published in print and digital formats (PDF and ebook). Each ad that appears in the print edition appears in the PDF edition as well, with a clickable hyperlink to the advertiser’s website. The  ebook edition does not carry graphical ads due to the challenges of graphic design for that format. Instead, sponsors are listed in a special page with clickable links.

A single advertising rate gets an ad that appears in the print and PDF editions, a link in the “Sponsors” page of the ebook, and an online ad at that runs from the issue’s publication until the next issue’s publication.


The ad rates include print, digital, and web ads in one package.

  • Full-page interior ad, web ad, and ebook sponsor listing: $150
    8.625″ wide x 11.25″ tall (full bleed)
  • Half-page interior adweb ad, and ebook sponsor listing: $100
    Up to 8.625″ wide x 4.25″ tall

If you buy two or more ads in the same issue we’ll give you a 20% discount on their rates.


We spread the ads out in the issue as evenly as we can so they’re not bunched up. That means some appear early in the issue and others in the middle or toward the end. The earlier you buy an ad, the more flexibility we have in placing it.

Interior ads print in grayscale in the print edition of the Oath but can be color (RGB) for the electronic editions. All ads must be provided in TIFF or JPEG format at 300 dpi.

The accompanying web ad should be 180 pixels wide by no more than 360 pixels tall, RGB-color JPEG, GIF, or PNG. The web ad will run from the launch of the issue in which you’re advertising until the following issue launches.

All ads are subject to approval by the editor.


For an additional fee our professional designers can even design the ad for you. We use people who do graphic design for marketing campaigns for a living. They do excellent work and will work closely with you to develop the ad you need.

  • Full-page ad design plus web ad: $200 design fee plus the ad rate
  • Half-page ad design plus web ad: $125 design fee plus the ad rate
  • Quarter-page ad design plus web ad: $100 design fee plus the ad rate


These sales numbers are current as of January 7, 2014. “Print” includes sales direct to consumers and retail sales. “Digital” includes PDF and ebook sales but does not count free PDF copies that were sent to print purchasers. Since the PDF is available free to every print purchaser, use the “Total” column for a tally of everyone who has obtained a digital edition from us.

Issue & Release Date Print Digital Total
TUO 18 (Dec. 2010)  536  691  1,227
TUO 19 (Apr. 2011)  531  366  897
TUO 20 (Jul. 2011)  530  395  925
TUO 21 (Aug. 2012)  546  353  899
TUO 22 (Feb. 2013)  361  373  734
TUO 23 (Aug. 2013)  377  220  597
 Totals  2,881  2,398  5,279


If you want to support the best in horror gaming, we want to hear from you. Please contact the editor to let us know what you have in mind.

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