Reviews of The Unspeakable Oath

Reviews of The Unspeakable Oath are in! We’ll add links to new reviews here as we find them.

TUO 18 Reviews

Dorkland review by Christopher Helton
“The writer’s credits features a who’s who of some of the best and most knowledgeable Lovecraftian gaming writers outside of Chaosium itself.” review by kafka
“Anyone remotely interested in Call of Cthulhu should be buying copies of TUO.”

Game Cryer review by Ken Newquist
“The Oathis steeped in atmosphere. It saturates every page, oozes from every story – and makes you want to recruit a new band of investigators in order to subject them to its horrors.”

Mundo Tentacular review
“It’s not always what we see as an oath so unspeakable. Simply indispensable.” (via Google Translate.)

Pookie’s Reviews from R’lyeh
“Long may the magazine continue its self-held high standards.”

Tales from the Savage Troll review
“The contributors’ love of the Mythos shows on every content-loaded page.”

RPG Geek review
“I wish the editors every success for a long life for the Resurrected publication.”

TUO 19 Reviews

Mundo Tentacular review
“And so ends one more appearance of the legendary The Unspeakable Oath, again living up to its reputation among fans of the Mythos.” (via Google Translate.) review by kafka
“Anyone remotely interested in Call of Cthulhu should be buying copies of TUO.”

TUO 20 Reviews

Mundo Tentacular review
“Este tratado feito por David Hardy e Scott Glancy (com pontos semelhantes à história dos Assamitas do World of Darkness ) é extremamente útil para o Keeper, seja para um cenário historicamente fiel, fantasia medieval ou envolvendo o Mythos de uma forma mais Pulp.”

Roleplayers Chronicle review by Aaron T. Huss
“Another excellent entry into The Unspeakable Oath library.”

Diehard Gamefan review by Alex Lucard
“All in all, this was a good read and I’m sure I’ll be back next quarter with the review of issue #21.”

(Editor’s note: Some of the errors brought up in Mr. Lucard’s review were in an early PDF release and were corrected before going to press.) review by kafka
“What stands out with Unspeakable Oath is that near always it is consistently very good to excellent; and issue number 20 is no exception to the rule.”

TUO 21 Reviews

Dreams in the Lich House review
“‘Sukapak’ is an atmospheric wilderness jaunt in a remote fastness; there’s a lot of ambiguity around what’s actually going on, but the scenario is menacing and disturbing (and could port well to other genres, too).”

Roleplayers Chronicle review by Aaron Huss
“This issue presents a number of great scenarios and tools for the Keeper to create their own great scenarios.” review by kafka
“This Unspeakable Oath pulls its weight and the adventures make it worth its weight in gold.”

Robot Viking review by Ed Grabianowski
“It’s packed with weird and horrific materials for Lovecraftian adventures.”

Diehard Gamefan review by Alex Lucard
“It’s well worth your money to buy this issue … just for this adventure (‘The Man With a Thousand Faces’). The fact the vast majority of the issue is quality as well is just a bonus.”

RPGGeek review by Eric Dodd
“It (‘The Man With a Thousand Faces’) was great fun to read, with an impressive atmosphere, a sad back story and memorable characters — worth waiting a year for!”

TUO 22 Reviews

Dreams in the Lich House review
“Issue 22 features a cool monster, the China Doll, a living doll-face that grafts itself to a victim, as tendrils from the mask burrow into the victim’s brain and turn the victim into a puppet.  I’m stealing that one, for sure.”

Diehard GameFAN review by Alex Lucard
“As always, The Unspeakable Oathis, pound for pound, the best gaming magazine today and it’s well worth spending five to ten dollars on.”

RPGnet review by kafka
“This issue is a little heavy on Trail of Cthulhu (even if it is not mentioned by name) rather [than] BRP.”

TUO 23 Reviews

Diehard GameFAN review by Alex Lucard
“If you’re a fan of horror tabletop gaming and especially Call of Cthulhu, then you really should be picking these magazines up.” review by kafka
“By far is one of the best scenarios that I have read in a long time.”

TUO 24 Reviews

Diehard GameFAN review by Alex Lucard
“Jam-packed with excellent story seeds, adventures and ideas that will make your Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green campaign all the weirder.”

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