TUO 4: Message In a Bottle

The Unspeakable Oath 4

The Unspeakable Oath 4

©1991 Jeff Barber

[This installment of “Message In A Bottle” provoked a minor controversey in the letters column owing to its mucking about with an historical personage. Cheesy or Cthulhuoid? You be the judge! — John Scott Tynes, 1994]

translated from the original document discovered at an old and secluded baronial farm in Southern Austria

October 27th 1919

Dearest Uncle,

I wish to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the birthday gift you sent to me. It is uplifting after all these years, and my many visits to your farm, to finally hold in my hands physical evidence concerning those things we have talked of through so many dark nights. To be able to read with mine own eyes the fateful words of von Junzt, to know through his hand and not just a few half-remembered tales, is a warm satisfaction. Your having come upon this manuscript must certainly have been fate, and now it will serve us well.

I have taken each word and phrase into my mind and locked it there. I feel hidden power unfolding and favoring me with the ability to dominate and use the human cattle around me. In bloody rites of mass sacrifice I believe the sleeper can be awakened and returned to his place of power. I feel his awareness, and know he watches and he waits.

Kind Uncle, even now our plans take a visible shape while those around us go on unsuspecting. A short time now and the world will begin to fall before us. First quietly, and then in a bloody holocaust that will reform the earth to the will of Yog-Sothoth.

Mine own destiny is cast now, Uncle, and we have but to remain his faithful. In the massacre of his own design shall be his rebirth. It is with the greatest anticipation that I await your arrival in Berlin. Do hurry, the coming begins.

your loving nephew,


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