Ye Liveliest Awfulness – ‘Bumps in the Night’ and ‘Investigator Weapons’

Pagan Publishing announced a Kickstarter fundraiser for its long-awaited non-Mythos Call of Cthulhu adventure collection, Bumps In the Night, and it instantly met its goal and went way over. New goals and rewards are being added now. Sign up and reserve your copy now.

Delta Green at PAX 2011

To commemorate Bumps In the Night, our friends at Role Playing Public Radio have posted the audio of Scott Glancy’s epic six-hour Delta Green game at PAX 2011. One reward for supporting Bumps In the Night is having Scott run a game for you live via Skype. This will give you a taste.

Investigator Weapons, Vol. 1

Our friends at Sixtystone Press meanwhile have released Investigator Weapons, Vol. 1 in PDF. It’s a comprehensive treatment of the firearms of the classic era of Call of Cthulhu, the 1920s and 1930s. ¬†Get it now for $15.


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