Delta Green Actual Play at RPPR

The awesome folks at Role Playing Public Radio — run by Ross Payton of our own Unspeakable! podcast, by the way — have a collection of Actual Play recordings of Delta Green games. Listen at your own risk.

Call of Cthulhu: Sunset of the King
“A group of filmmakers has been gathered to create a very special film, but they soon realize the writer and director is a madman, armed with terrible powers. What do they do? Make the movie, of course!”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Tiamat
March 2013. “In 1969, a group of agents must investigate the theft of 10 pounds of moon rocks from a secure government facility. Can this disparate group of soldiers and investigators figure out who stole the rocks and why? More importantly, can they stop the thieves from completing their plan?”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – A Victim of the Art
August 2012. “‘A Victim of the Art’ is a Delta Green scenario set in the fictional town of Glenridge, Long Island. The investigators play Delta Green agents and/or friendlies brought in to solve a series of grisly murders which have rocked the small, rich, seaside community. The killer is not human – but the perpetrator is.”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Operation Eyes Down
May 2012. “When an informant tips off Delta Green about a company up to no good in Picher, Oklahoma, they send out a team of friendlies to investigate. Little do they realize that they will stumble upon an ancient war between two Mythos factions and that not everyone is entirely honest.”

Call of Cthulhu: Divine Fire at PAX 2011 
March 2012. “Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing ran an epic Delta Green game at PAX 2011, based on material from our very own Tom Church’s Divine Fire scenario. In this case, the secrets of occult nuclear technology first developed by the Nazis were eventually acquired by the Libyans. Now a group of specialists must retrieve the scientists behind it and stop the program while the Libyan civil war rages on!”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Lover in the Ice
May 2011. “PARROT reports breach of GREEN BOX 224, hereafter DESIGNATE as PACKAGE, at 0246 hours Jan 4th.”

Interview with Adam Scott Glancy
July 2010. Adam Scott Glancy is one of the co-authors of Delta Green and is the man behind Pagan Publishing.

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Convergence
June 2010. “A town called Groversville is a hotbed of UFO activity and one of its residents has recently shown…disturbing inhuman abilities.”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Operation Obsidian at Fear the Con 3
March 2010. “OPERATION GLASS SLIPPER was successful, insomuch as the entity known as the Black Buddha was detached from this dimensional reference, but it was not killed.”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Night Shift Playtest
November 2009. “Guarding a mall is a strange assignment for a cell of experienced Delta Green agents, especially with the heavy machine guns, body armor and other tactical equipment they’ve been given.”

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – A Night on Owlshead Mountain
January 2008. A Delta Green adventure that pits investigators against the deadly, lingering aftereffects of Mi-Go activity in rural Vermont.

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