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Cthulhu 101 (Review)

Cthulhu 101, from Atomic Overmind Press

Cthulhu 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the Dreamer in the Deep Published by Atomic Overmind Press, $8.95 By Kenneth Hite Reviewed by Matthew Pook  As you can see in his Trail of Cthulhu, Ken Hite is Call of Cthulhu’s number…

Chocolate Cthulhu!

Chocolatey sweetness from beyond the drab confines of Euclidian cooking. . . . It’s too late to get them for Easter, but would a true cultist be stopped by that? Via BoingBoing and Lovecraftsman.

The Last Lovecraft

What would happen if typical Call of Cthulhu players became typical Call of Cthulhu investigators, and they had a very forgiving gamemaster? The Last Lovecraft, that’s what. It’s an indie comedy about modern-day gamer nerds, Great Cthulhu, Deep Ones, and fish rape.…