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Call of Cthulhu’s E3 Trailer


Hello Mythos fans, it looks like Lovecraft and Cthulhu are getting more attention in the electronic gaming sphere with developer Cynanide’s new Call of Cthulhu. From Focus Home Interactive’s website: Developed by seasoned studio Cyanide, Call of Cthulhu is an RPG-Investigation…

Kickstarting Cthulhu


Congratulations to Chaosium on the success of their Kickstarter for the seventh edition of Call of Cthulhu. They wanted to take in at least $40,000 to fund printing and shipping a large print run of the new rules. When the…

Mrs. Bentley’s Coloring Books


An Unspeakable Oath website bonus! A modern-day investigation for Call of Cthulhu by Badger McInnes. Illustrated by Matt Hansen, © 2013. I. A Small and Fragile Thing Wherein the Investigators are contacted regarding a delicate matter. The Investigators have been…